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Valentine Homes LLC, has announced a gofundme campaign aimed at kickstarting a revitalization effort in southern Illinois. The region has seen steep economic declines and drops in population that have left the city in distress. But there’s hope! A local company, Valentine Homes LLC has a plan to rebuild and refurbish homes, and local residents of the area can help!

“This gofundme has the potential to bring our community and the whole region together to kickstart this effort to revitalize our neighborhoods. This is our best chance to stem the population flight and regain economic growth.” -Ken Valentine, CEO

Local leaders have been working to stop abandonment of the city, but one vital component that has been missing is funding for revamping homes that are no longer attractive to new buyers. Valentine Homes LLC hopes to change that while creating jobs and growing the economy along the way.

The gofundme page which presents Cairo as an ideal starting point, can be found at, IL

All residents of southern Illinois and the surrounding communities are encouraged to pitch in and get this effort under way. The founder’s story and vision for the area can be found on the crowd funding webpage.

These communities are filled with potential for a more vibrant community and eager for beautiful homes. Valentine Homes LLC is ready to begin building a better neighborhood.

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